translated from Spanish: More than 3,000 SEE workers seek to fix inconsistencies on their payroll

Celic Mendoza
An average of 3,000 workers have approached the work desks set up by the Secretary of Education in the State (SEE) to clarify payroll inconsistencies.
According to official information, even on this day they delivered bonus payments in cheques in order to bring workers closer to the payment processes and irregularities were observed, although some were notified by email.
This is the case, according to the review by the Federation’s Superior Audit; although there is no established number of cases requiring attention, it is expected that with the call of the authority, workers who have different work centers in collection and membership, those who, because of some union conflict, have not managed to enter their space those in their record who need to integrate a document, approach the dependency to avoid future involvement.
It was last Monday that the measure was released that, to say, the secretary of education, Alberto Frutis Solís pays to «deliver a payroll as clean as possible» and that allows workers not to be affected in their working conditions.
He stated that they are mostly staff who work in one facility and charge in another, cases of teachers who are not in their workplaces because they have not been accepted by the board, among others.
The cases will continue to be dealed next week.

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