translated from Spanish: Writer and teacher of the story Amparo Dávila dies

Mexico.- The Mexican writer Amparo Dávila, called the teacher of the story, died this Saturday at the age of 92, informed cultural institutions of the Government of Mexico.In a message on social networks, the Ministry of Culture deeply regretted the death of the Zacatecan writer, whom she described as “undoubted protagonist of Mexican literature of the twentieth century that stood out for her storytelling”.

He recalled that he won the 1977 Xavier Villaurrutia Award and the 2015 Medal of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL) pointed out that Dávila, as a pioneer of the fantasy tale in Mexico (…), “leaves an important legacy to Mexican lyrics”. To get the latest news about coronavirus, sign up by clicking on this space and we’ll send you the information instantly.

Amparo Dávila. Photo: EFE

Also for his death was the Zacatecan Institute of Culture: “We lament with deep sorrow the passing of our beloved Amparo Dávila (1928-2020) a Zacatecan poet and storyteller, whose work will remain an extraordinary and precious legacy, in the literature of our country and our state.” Dávila, who was the wife of the Mexican painter Pedro Coronel, was a renowned writer of short stories and poetry of the so-called half-century generation, since most of its members produced her work in the fifties of the twentieth century in México.La loneliness, dementia, madness and fear were the most recurrent in Dávila’s work , with titles such as “Psalms Under the Moon” (1950), “Profile of Solitudes” (1954), “Death in the Forest” (1959), and “The Guest and Other Stories” (2018). His work “Time Shattered” (1959), made up of short stories such as “Fragment of a Diary”, “A Ticket to Anywhere”, “The Fifth of The Lattice” and “The Mirror”, is considered fantastic and surrreal literature. Born on February 2, 1928, Amparo Dávila was originally from the city of Pinos, in the state of Zacatecas, third of four siblings, in a family in which her father was a great fan of reading, a quality she inherited. In 1977 she was declared the winner of the Xavier Villaurrutia Prize for writers for writers, which has been awarded since 1955, when Juan Rulfo obtained it for his work “Pedro Páramo”. His family left Zacatecas to settle in the city of St. Louis, where Dávila studied elementary and secondary school; He began writing from a young age and in 1950, at the age of 22, published his first work, “Psalms Under the Moon”. From San Luis Potosí he went to the Mexican capital, to begin his university studies and from 1956, and for two years, he was an assistant to the Mexican writer Alfonso Reyes, which gave a boost to his literary activity. He married Coronel in 1958, with whom he had two daughters and from whom he finally divorced in 1964; two years later she won a scholarship from the Mexican Writers Center.In 2011, Dávila wrote her last poetic work and in 2015 was recognized with the Medal of Fine Arts.ALSO YOU CAN READ:Amputarán leg to Nick Cordero after Covid-19 Dies by Coronavirus Allen Daviau, director of photography at “E.T.”

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