translated from Spanish: Crash in Salvador Alvarado leaves material losses

Salvador Alvarado.- Around 11:55 p.m. on Saturday, the alarms of the police forces were activated when they received the report of a crash-type accident by range on Mexico Highway 15 at the height of the villa Benito Juarez syndicate, belonging to the municipality of Salvador Alvarado, Sinaloa, just in front of a well-known gas station. It is a blue vehicle, with two stripes one thinner than the other which passed over the chest, who crashed into a white trailer, which were circulating in mexico 15. Unofficially, it was said that the heavy unit was trying to leave the road to enter the gas station when suddenly the small unit hit it hitting the trailer. Apparently the drivers of both units were unharmed but the material losses were considerable and in terms of losses the most affected was the blue vehicle, since it ended up leaving the asphalt and with the front destroyed, in addition one of the tires on the right side separated from the car and was a few meters from it. Read more: Strong wave overturns tourist boat with 9 crew members in MazatlanTo place arrived paramedics from the Guamúchil Red Cross, as well as elements of Public Safety and Municipal Traffic of Salvador Alvarado, (SPyTM), in addition to the presence of the National Guard roads division who controlled the vehicular traffic to avoid another accident and determine responsibilities. Cars “fly” in Mazatlan for new top in Zona Dorada

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