translated from Spanish: Blumel calls for dialogue and says the government doesn’t have all the answers: «We have to build them together»

Just over two weeks after the social outburst in Chile began, the Government held a first meeting with the mayor and most of the mayors of the Metropolitan region to address the so-called soc agenda government’s driving power.
At the meeting, which was called by all the communal chiefs of the Region, with representatives of 47 of the 52 mayoral salains coming, the issue of public and private furniture was dealt with as part of the protests that took place in various communes of the country.
Under this premise, the newly assumed Interior Minister, Gonzalo Blumel, who led the meeting, told the press that «listening to mayors and mayors of the Metropolitan Region is a good way that we all have to be able to continue in this process of dialogue and citizen participation.»
Specifically, Blumel was in charge of announcing that the Executive will introduce a bill to correct the inequities of the Municipal Common Fund.
With regard to the measure, although it was valued by most communal authorities, some insisted that there must be more specific announcements to deal with the social crisis.
According to radio biobio, the Secretary of State responded to these questions made by the opposition, from where they described as «inadequate» the measures taken by the Executive.
«We as a government are not going to be able to have all the answers immediately, that would be lying to people, the answers we have to build together,» he said.
Blumel added that criticism happens mainly because the dialogue was insufficient, «but at least there was dialogue and I think that’s already a value,» he said.
In the same vein, the Metropolitan Mayor, Felipe Guevara, said that the damaged infrastructure, which resulted in $20 million, or about 14 billion Chilean pesos, will begin to be repaired.
«I hope that some of those resources will begin to transfer them now in November,» he said.
Finally, Guevara noted, regarding «insufficiency», that the «citizen bronca» has nothing to do with 30 pesos, has to do with 30 years «and is not fixed in 30 minutes and that the neighbors know.»

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