translated from Spanish: Woman is scratched by a cat and ends up in a coma

Bristol, England.- A woman was left in a coma after being stabbed by a cat. Doctors had to induce this state because she developed sepsis, septic shock, organ failure, pneumonia and necrotizing fasciitis. Shieley Hair, 65, never imagined that the symptoms she was presenting were related to Chan’s aruñones;  the Siamese cat I buy at 400 euros, when it was just a puppy.

At first, Shieley experienced dizziness, muscle pain and loss of appetite, which he attributed to a passing flu. The lesions caused by the feline acquired a bright red color, and rashes appeared from his hand to his arm. After realizing the seriousness of the matter, she was transferred to Southmead Hospital in Bristol, where she was operated on as an emergency to remove the damaged tissue. During this process it was necessary to induce her to coma so that her body rested while she recovered.

The woman spent five days in a coma and one month in hospital. Thematic photo: Pixabay (Parentingupstream)

The woman remained unconscious for five days and one month hospitalized.» That cat has always been spiteful, it was also very expensive. The day he slammed me I had been working in the garden, I tried to lift him up to hug him but he wasn’t willing,» Shirley Hair told the local media.
The scratch was a little deep, but I didn’t think much of that until I started having flu symptoms and completely lost my appetite,» the woman added.

After eight surgeries and several skin grafts, Shirley was able to return home. Meanwhile, her daughter Zoe ended up adopting Chan to prevent him from causing her further harm.

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