translated from Spanish: Man killed inside hospital in Culiacan, had 8 days in hospital

Culiacan, Sinaloa.- Gunmen went to finish Mark Antony N., 30, when he was convalescing at Los Angeles Hospital. Armed criminals scoffed at the fragile security of the nosocomio and, after allegedly disarming an element of the Municipal Police who cared for him, repeatedly shot him, killing him.
So far this year, it’s the second time a similar event has happened. The facts
Insecurity prevailed in the Sina-Aloense capital, when, at around 03:40 hours, unidentified subjects carrying firearms and hoods entered the aforementioned nosocomio in search of a person who had eight days of gravity when he was free of a attack on the Tamarindo.

They didn’t care if he was a preventive agent protecting him, because they ended up subduing him by overcoming him in number of weaponry and weaponry. Already facing Mark Antony, the murderers pulled the trigger on more than one occasion, when the young man was intubated. Following the assault, medical personnel requested support from police corporations, who arrived after those responsible for depriving the neighbor of the union of Villa Adolfo López Mateos of the life had easily escaped.

Once the hospital was guarded, support was requested to carry out an operation in all surroundings, without such a deployment being successful. Among information that was annexed by security sources, it is established that there were about six individuals carrying long arms who committed the murder. It should be noted that, just a day earlier, an element of the State Police was gunned down by another armed group that also made use of high-power rifles. In addition, staff of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) were summoned to disdain what happened. Researchers from the Eagle Group came forward to gather all kinds of interviews.
The body was subsequently removed from the hospital for deposit with the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo). It’s nothing new
On the night of August 18, 2019, armed men went to kill Jorge Luis when he was interned at the Culiacan Clinic. According to the authorities’ version, armed and balaclava had arrived, unless they were also a municipal policeman, who was disarmed, killed the patient. In a different event, but involving a health institution, it was at the Santa Maria Clinic itself where after a confrontation abroad a civilian was killed at the main entrance. Quirino says there are safety results
When questioned by the criminal acts that were presented on Wednesday, the governor of the state Quirino Ordaz Coppel said that they are working in a coordinated manner with the three levels of government to address all municipalities in terms of security , betting mainly on reducing theft by vehicle, assault on public transport, as well as the theft of home room, where the operative for these crimes has caused them to go down. Asked the state representative that the violence escalated two days ago, he said the results are others and Sinaloa is placed among the top ten institutions that has achieved the best safety outcomes.

Ordaz Coppel merely responded to the State Police element who was killed in 155 shots on Jesús Kumate Boulevard, as well as the person who was injured by gunshot wounds in a private hospital that was admitted by armed people to finish it off. The state’s representative said security in the state with the most equipment will be strengthened.

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