translated from Spanish: Jaime Quintana and sayings of Allamand: “He seeks to bring down this agreement”

In a conversation with Radio Cooperativa, Senate President Jaime Quintana accused a “deliberate attempt” by Senator Andrés Allamand to “ruin” the parliamentary agreement to start a new process for a new Constitution.Qu intana asserted that “I believe that there is an attempt by Senator Allamand, deliberate, clearly to destabilize this agreement, to slam this agreement,” Quintana retorted in conversation with What’s Left of the Day, along with ensuring that, despite this, “this agreement is firmer than ever.”” He seeks to bring down this agreement and with that he does not realize that he is destabilizing a government that is extremely weak; I frankly do not know whether President Piñera and Minister Blumel, with whom we have talked on the subject on countless occasions, share this view,” said the President of the Senate.” I was in all the conversations that night, Senator Allamand I didn’t see him in all instances, not just that night, because we set out to talk with the executive four or five days before Friday morning,” he recounted, explaining that he was “super clear that when no agreement was reached on a particular issue, that issue does not enter (the new Magna Carta) and will be a matter of law,” he added. Finally, Quintana concluded that he trusts “each of the signatories” of the agreement, although “some on the right, in the UDI especially, are not about to incorporate things (to the Constitution) but they are not about to take things away from him,” under that “the two-thirds is the how they’re going to take the agreements.”

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