translated from Spanish: Announce the start of the Obra Madero Poniente in Morelia

Morelia, Michoacán.- Give the green light so that next Monday starts the Obra Madero Poniente.
• The Avenido Francisco I. Madero of the city of Morelia is the street that allows mobility from east to west of the city. Through it they cross hundreds of thousands of Moralians and visitors day by day.
• The Madero Poniente Project is the largest intervention of a public work in the last 20 years, which will benefit more than 150 thousand people transiting and living in this part of Morelia, with a historical investment of 120 million pesos through federal resources of Sedatu.
• The intersection is located in the west, at the intersection with Héroes Anonymous Avenue (Rio Grande) up to the height of the deviation from San Juanito Itzicuaro. That is, over 4.4 km, the sides of the AVE Madero will be rehabilitated, with hydraulic concrete, inclusion of cycleways; Furniture for public transport; Safe crossings; Adequate signaling; Lighting; Gardens and woodland; Speed control; Transit reengineering; Urban image enhancement; Storm and sanitary collectors.
Description of the intervention:
• The intervention focuses on the redesign of the side streets in the 3.80 km that include this section. The poor infrastructure for mobility causes the underutilization of these sides, avoiding accessibility, lack of public transport and disorder in public space.
• The lack of adequate infrastructure to permeate in the high perception of insecurity, neglect and non-appropriation of the avenue in this part of the city.
• The intervention aims to modify the view of the street as a single space for vehicular traffic and make it a space that invites to be and transit. Giving the travel facilities to people of any kind, facilitating and giving safety to the pedestrian, a space to the cyclist and regulating the vehicle traffic.
• Full street principles are implemented, where local economic activities, neighbors, users are integrated into a more equitable coexistence. Achieved from providing obstacle-free walkable areas, continue urban reforestation; by implementing rain gardens, wooded and occupying areas previously intended for vehicles for other equipment.
• Adequate and efficient pedestrian lighting, signage and furniture will be ensured. All this under the street design regulations of the municipality and the guidelines of SEDATU.
• The reorganization of space involves; from safe crossings, spaces for public transport, space for underground facilities, defined area for vehicular traffic, cycle ways and recovered spaces such as micro parks.
• The Madero Poniente project will be a part of the street concept that is held in the municipality of Morelia, preparing the infrastructure for a more human, sustainable and transforming the current paradigms.

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