translated from Spanish: Carmen Hertz (PC) held President Piñera accounted for after HRW report that reported dD violations. Hh. by Carabineros

Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Tuesday delivered its report on human rights violations committed in Chile since the beginning of social mobilization on 18 October.
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Mepute Carmen Hertz (PC) stated that the background presented by the document showing violations of fundamental rights, successive and/ or simultaneous and committed by state agents, «constitute crimes against humanity».
In that context, Hertz maintained that the body’s background reports of «violations of fundamental, successive and/or simultaneous rights, as has happened in our country, committed by state agents».
For the Member, these elements create crimes against humanity and with regard to this very serious international crime, «political responsibility is undoubtedly of the highest civil authority and that is why we have filed the Constitutional Indictment against the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera».
The Parliamenter placed particular emphasis on the distinction between widespread and systematic violations, for in her view «that semantics are after which the Government wants to hide so as not to assume its responsibility. Generalization is one of the elements that shapes crimes against humanity not only according to the Rome Statute, but according to our own legislation.»
Finally, he accused a «campaign of terror that has been done against the Constitutional Impeachment and that some mPs want to inhibit themselves for electoral or political conveniences from exercising what they must do. It is not possible for impunity in this country, the political, social, moral impunity of the elites, which is part of what the social outburst has meant.»

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