translated from Spanish: Choreographer accused DJ Mendez of sexual harassment

Gabriela Pavez, dancer and choreographer of the Festival de Viña 2019, posted on her Instagram account a story in which she claims to have been the victim of alleged sexual harassment by Chilean musician Dj Méndez. «When I was 18 I had my first back-up job of a national singer. This was a tour of some places in Chile in the summer. We were four dancers on the tour, I was the newest, the youngest. The others were all men except for a chorus girl. The first shows were normal, but when the tour started everything got out of control. The «macabre» sat next to us, they became «honeys» and at least I was always trying to walk away cordially,» he began. He then explained that what would have happened seven years ago during a bus trip four days before the artist’s marriage.» They started drinking, joking with the other dancers. I had to do my sleep so they wouldn’t bother me until they got to my place. Between them, they started grabbing me so their little boss would come up to me to give me a kiss, i was the same age as the Steffi, his daughter. I started kicking and trying to let go, but he didn’t care.» «When I let go I ran to the front of the bus (where the technical team was). After that I burst into tears of helplessness. It was my first job and I couldn’t believe they thought that as a dancer I had to lend myself for their warmth,» she said. He said he didn’t report it at the time, because he had no evidence. «I never had the proof to say anything and I was afraid because I knew they had a lot of influence at the time,» he replied. The story was endorsed by various figures of the show.

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