translated from Spanish: Stress increases the risk of obesity in children and adolescents

Since the onset of the social outburst in October this year, children in Chile have constantly faced new and unknown situations, making it easier for them to feel frightened and anxious provoking stress pictures, a very important risk factor for obesity in children and adolescents.
Verónica Marín, a juvenile infantologist at the Bupa Reñaca clinic, explained that personal or family stress in children, coupled with the decrease in sleep hours can further increase the worrying figures that place our country in the first place in obesity Latin America and the sixth in the world.
The specialist said creating healthy food environments can help counteract external risk factors and even help a better quality of life.
«Educating families from pregnancy on the importance of healthy eating and preventing overweight and obesity can achieve a healthy eating environment for a child with high risk factors, and prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders and respiratory diseases, which affect people’s quality of life,» he said
The nutritionist recommends 8 simple actions to prevent overweight and obesity in our children and help create healthy eating environments to reduce the risk factors currently exposed to minors:
Prefer fruits and vegetables.
Reduce sugary drinks.
Reduce fast food.
Sit together at family meals.
Serve portions of suitable size.
Limit the time your child watches TV or uses the computer for recreational purposes (no more than 2 hours a day)
It highlights the importance of physical activity, not exercise.
Identify activities your child likes.
Finally, Marín emphasizes the role of the authorities by adding that «governments have the responsibility and priority role to achieve the development of these healthy environments, in compliance with their international human rights commitments, in protection of children and adolescents.»

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