translated from Spanish: Public Prosecutor’s Office officials expressed «disagreement» with government criticism

The National Federation of Public Prosecutions rejected the government’s criticism. Through a statement, the trade union organization, with representation throughout Chile, said they disagree with the questions. «We want to express our disagreement with the criticism made by government authorities and official parliamentarians of the work carried out by the Public Prosecutor’s Office during the social crisis, rejecting being sindicated as a responsible party for the serious crisis that our country suffers,» they said. In doing so, they stated that «we are deeply concerned about the causes and effects of this social crisis, which has generated deep pain in our country. As officials we condemn human rights violations and all kinds of violence, agreeing that solutions to social demands must come from the Government and not from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, an entity committed to justice.» And in this regard, they countered that they defend «the work carried out by officials during this social crisis, and we believe that the Government is wrong to point out its criticisms of the conditional suspensions achieved in hearing by the Prosecutors of the Ministry Public, this considering that criminal prosecution is not a legal tool for political purposes, independent that the crime was committed at this time of the social crisis,» they replied. In addition to calling on the authorities, they also urged the community «to trust our work. The officials are making the most of our efforts within the resources we have for our victims and witnesses, expressing our absolute commitment to the promotion and protection of HRDs and all our historical demands seek better service to the community, with greater professionalism, preparation and vocation of public service,» he concluded.

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