translated from Spanish: Why is there a stoppage at Guanajuato University?

Under the slogan of #NiUnaAbejaMenos, students from guanajuato University (UG) maintain a stoppage of activities to demand more security and make public it more aware of cases of gender-based violence within campuses.
Some of the triggers for their protests have been cases of harassment reported by students, but ignored by academic authorities; attempted rape; the assaults that the young people have suffered near their campuses, and also the murder of Daniela Vega, graduate of the Career of Experimental Biology, who was suffocated a week ago, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend.
After the State Attorney General’s Office reported that they would investigate whether Daniela’s death was a suicide or if it was a homicide, university students began a halt on Wednesday, December 4 at the León and Guanajuato campuses to reject the suicide hypothesis, demand justice for the young woman, and have her sexual harassment allegations addressed.
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Finally, the authorities determined femicide and on Thursday 5 December arrested Daniela’s former partner as allegedly responsible.
In August, a young student at Jalisco High School, known as Prepa 1, was the victim of attempted rape. From this fact, demonstrations were intensified to demand security.
For now, students keep the premises of the house of studies in Guanajuato, León, Celaya, Irapuato, Salamanca and Salvatierra closed.
On social media, students have mobilized with the hashtag #NiUnaAbejaMenos, referencing the university’s official mascot.
During their protests they carry banners reading: “I want to make headline, not take my body to my mom”, “We sing for absence, we cry for fear”, “Clothes are never too short, your mentality yes”, “I apologise for the inconvenience but they are harassing us”, “They took away our fear”, “We want to study free and without fear”.
Yesterday Saturday, students gave a 12-hour peace to state authorities to comply with the request to provide effective security policies and curb harassment, and then lift the unemployment of activities.
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Students warned that if the agreement is not signed by the authorities, the stop page of activities they are in will be maintained.
The student community met at the Teatro Principal de Guanajuato with the Secretary of Government, Luis Ernesto Ayala, representing Governor Diego Sinhue Rodríguez; the state prosecutor, Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre; the rector of the University of Guanajuato, Luis Felipe Guerrero Agripino, as well as the mayor of Guanajuato, Alejandro Navarro.
University students urged that among the immediate actions the state representative be apologised for the omissions committed and lack of action in cases of gender-based violence.
They also called for the dismissal of Luz Elena Gazol Patiño, owner of the UGénero programme, for hiring people who are unfit to deal with the issue and re-victimize people who have been violated.
They also demanded the activation of police huts at the headquarters of Noria Alta and at the intersection of Pueblito de Rocha.

Graduates and graduates with you.
I open thread, #UGenParo #NiUnaAbejaMenos #NiUnaAbejaMenos #SinLos4NoHayTrato
— Luis a (@lui_nefelibata) December 6, 2019

“Don’t forget that this assembly is an implicit statement, that we are not afraid and that we will never live in silence again,” the students noted in a statement.
These are the demands that include in your request specification:
– Recognition of the cases of students killed, missing or assaulted.
-Create security protocols that cover transfers that students must make derived from their academic and extension obligations.
-That the University recognizes and attends cases of harassment by teaching, administrative and student staff.
-Dismissal and dismissal of the teachers and administrators involved, as well as the expulsion of students who incur these crimes, starting with media cases that already have a research folder.
-To hold workshops on gender-based violence aimed at teachers, administrative staff and students.
-Review the resources that the university allocates to the safety of students in relation to what is spent in infrastructure or activities that are a priority for us.
-Improvement of schedules at the three headquarters of the University of Guanajuato. Students ensure that changes are made according to the needs of the administrative.
-That classes do not start before 8 am, nor end after 19:00 hours, at least not in the winter time.
To the municipal authorities:
-Functional police cases.
-Safety elements in the whereabouts of little-traveled areas.
-Stop re-victimizing by the simple fact of being students.

? Official ?#SinLos4NoHayTrato-UGEnParo-NiUnaAbejaMenos-TheTruthOS-Os-SuDar-NoTruthThere is no Freedom
— UG Student Community (@UgComunidad) December 8, 2019

UG Student Community Request Fold
The stoppage is not completed until the request specification is fulfilled.@UdeGuanajuato@CampusgtoUG-NiUnaAbejaMenos-LaVerdadOsHaraSudar -NoVerdadNoNoFreedom
— UG Student Community (@UgComunidad) December 4, 2019

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