translated from Spanish: Net Employment Trend Reported +11% by 2020 in Sinaloa

Culiacan, Sinaloa (December 10, 2019) – Employers in the Northwest region report a Net Employment Trend of +11% for the first quarter of 2020.At the state level, Sinaloa reports an Adjusted Net Trend of +10%, 1 percentage point more compared to 4 percentage points above last year.

Without considering seasonal adjustment, Culiacán employers report a Net Employment Trend of +27%, 27% where they plan to increase their workforces, 0% expect to decrease them, 71% expect to remain unchanged, and 2% do not know.
In the Northwest, Commerce, as well as Agriculture and Fisheries, report the most favorable forecasts for the first quarter of the year, with Net Employment Trends of +15% and +13%, respectively,» commented Ricardo Parra, Divisional Manager at ManpowerGroup. «For its part, «manufacturing reports a trend of +10%, 7 percentage points less than the previous quarter and 9 points lower compared to last year,» he said.

The results of the ManpowerGroup Employment Expectations Survey at the national level report a Net Employment Trend of +9%, after the seasonal adjustment for the first quarter of the year has been made. Employers expect to increase their workforces by the four categories by company size during the first quarter of 2020. Large companies (250+ employees) report an expectation of +18%. Medium-sized enterprises (between 50 and 249 employees) report a +8% outlook and the forecast for small enterprises (between 10 and 49 employees) is +4%, while the most cautious recruitment plans are reflected in the expectations of Microenterprises with +2 % (less than 10 employees). Around the world, ManpowerGroup’s research for the first quarter of 2020 reveals that 42 of the 43 countries are expected to increase workforces in the January-March period. Strongest Net Employment Expectations are reported in Greece, Japan, Taiwan, the United States and Romania. Weaker hiring intentions are reported in Panama, Argentina, Costa Rica, Italy and Spain. Compared to the last quarter of 2019, employers report stronger hiring intentions in 15 of the 43 countries, but weaken in 23 countries with no changes). On an annual basis, procurement plans are strengthened in 12 of the 43 countries, but weakened by 26 (5 countries report no changes).

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