translated from Spanish: Supreme rejected appeal that sought to remove the professor charged with damage to Metro from prison

Professor Roberto Campos Weiss, was the first detainee and formalized for damages to the Santiago Metro in the context of the social crisis of the country, as the teacher will remain in pre-trial detention after determination of the Supreme Court.The latter rejected the last judicial offensive carried out by the defense of the teacher who has been held in the High Security Jail for more than a month, as the Criminal Chamber of the highest court rejected the appeal that sought the freedom of the man formalized for the crime of qualified damages and violation of the state security law for the destruction of a tourniquet of the San Joaquin station.The court spokesman, Lamberto Cisternas, had a conversation with Radio Cooperativa where he explained that «the reasoning to reject the appeal and confirm the Court’s ruling is that this is a situation that escapes the framework of Article 21 of the Constitution that requires that there be any unlawful resolution or act that conspires against personal freedom or individual security.» In this case the situation raised does not fit within the requirements raised, and we are not in an illegal deprivation of liberty, but something that is debatable, and that can be done by normal headquarters,» he concluded.

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