translated from Spanish: Valladolid College holds the XI Expo Entrepreneurship Fair

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- In the midst of an atmosphere of algarabía, on December 7th the XI Expo Entrepreneurship Fair of the Valladolid College was successfully held, where students, parents and special guests were participants in the presentation of various innovative projects and services devised by students themselves from fifth through to third grade of high school. The projects that were presented are the result of the work carried out during this semester, where teachers, as well as student tutors, guided each participating team throughout the creative process. 

The work of the students was reflected once the stands were assembled and each of the products that were designed were presented. The exhibition of the products and services was held before the guest judges and parents. And before them, students presented their products according to the benefits they brought to society.

Parents and guests at the Fair. Photo: THE DEBATE

The XI Expo Entrepreneurship Fair was held simultaneously in the more than 76 campuses of the Valladolid and Multiversidad Latinoame-ricana Educational System, and there was an attendance of about 100 thousand people nationally. There was also the presence of local entrepreneurs, who motivated students by recounting their experiences at the business level, and also had the opportunity to showcase their products themselves at this great event.

The students surprised with their projects. Photo: THE DEBATE

Expo Feria, a success
The Expo Entrepreneurship Fair is a major event in this educational system because it is not only intended to cover a subject related to entrepreneurship, but at the same time it is sought to promote an entrepreneurial culture in the student community. This is reinforced by the institution’s cost-free financing policy (rate 0) for students who presented the most innovative and community-friendly products or services. Authorities of the Valladolid College sent their congratulations to all the students participating in the XI Expo Entrepreneurship Fair and, above all, to all the teaching staff that makes possible this momentous event for the students and for the educational system in their Set. 

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