translated from Spanish: Man born without testicles receives transplanted one from his twin brother

Serbia.- A 36-year-old man born without testicles received one donated by his brother – identical twin – in a complicated transplant, in an operation carried out for the first time in Serbia and for the second time in the world. The intervention, which lasted for six hours at a clinic in Belgrade, was carried out in early December, indicates the local press.

The patient recovers successfully and after a certain period can have children, as reported by the Serbian daily Novosti.La immunosuppressive therapy to avoid rejection is not necessary in this transplant case since they are identical twins. One of the identical siblings who was born with the two testicles donated one of them to his brother, who was born with an extremely small one and all his life had had to undergo testosterone therapy. Within a few days of the operation your body has begun to produce testosterone on its own.

Man born without testicles receives one transplanted from his twin brother/Pixabay

“The organ is vital and has started to function. Proper functioning of blood vessels has been established,” explained Dr Miroslav Djordjevic, who participated in the transplant.
Identical siblings have the same genetic material. Potential candidates for such a transplant might be people born without testicles or who lost them to injury or cancer, but experts do not expect such operations to become routine.
Among doctors there are dilemmas of whether such operations should be carried out routinely

“After this operation, an ethical question arises: Whose child is the child conceived after the transplant? In addition, in cases where they are not identical twins(…), the transplant would imply the need for immunosuppressive therapy for life, and that could endanger the patient’s life,” he said.

Experts from Serbia and the United States participated in the operation.

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