translated from Spanish: Jalisco says no to AMLO government thermoelectric plant

The jalisco government rejected the construction of a thermoelectric plant in the municipality of Juanacatlán, a project that has been announced by the federal government, due to the environmental implications it would have in the area. 
Governor Enrique Alfaro argued that building the project in this region «is putting Jalisco in a predicament,» as he said 10% of the carbon budget to which the entity committed itself to the Paris Agreement.
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«We are not going to allow the thermoelectric project in this municipality, we will call on the private initiative to understand that we are going to solve the problem of energy supply by betting on clean energy,» the representative said at a press conference. 
Jalisco also said that it «does not emit greenhouse pollutants from electricity generation.» 
Alfaro, who has had differences with the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, was surprised that the project is supported by the federal authorities, despite the environmental consequences involved. 

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«We are surprised that in a place that is very close to an area of high environmental fragility, such as the Santiago River basin, with water supply problems, it is having the endorsement of the federal authorities,» he said. 
The state government also noted «inconsistencies» in water management plan, as well as in the emission of greenhouse gases that would worsen air quality.
«We are rejecting an announced investment of $759 million, but in this global climate crisis the half-inks no longer fit, it’s time to define whether we’re engaged or not. That’s why Adriana Cortés, president of this municipality, all my appreciation for his determination,» the governor published. 
The project, promoted by the company Super GDL, consists of the construction, operation and maintenance of an L.P. gas station for supply to motor vehicles, according to a document published by the Agency, Energy and Environment (ASEA).
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