translated from Spanish: The tough crosses that will have THE UC and Colo Colo in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores

Universidad Católica, new two-time champion of Chilean football, will have a tough challenge in the group phase of the Copa Libertadores 2020, after the draw of the maximum continental competition that was held at the headquarters of the Conmebol, in Asunción (Paraguay).E the Crusader draw will be part of Group E, and in the first phase will be measured with Gremio de Brasil -seed of Colombia’s Cali and the Winner 4 (Chile 4-Inter de Porto Alegre vs Macará-Tolima). In the meantime, Colo Colo must face for Group C of the contest Peñarol of Uruguay, Atlético Paranaense of Brazil and Bolivia 2 (rival to be defined on December 29). A scenario that does not appear so complicated for the runner-up of the 2019 National Championship.Those who will seek the ticket to the group phase of the Libertadores are Palestino and Chile 4 (U. of Chile or U. Española), who will start the competition in phase 2.The draw that Ivo directs Basay will have an accessible rival when facing Uruguay’s debutante Cerro Largo in back-and-forth, closing the series in Santiago.In the meantime, «blues» or «Hispanos» must take extreme resources when clashing with the powerful Porto Alegre International, if they want to access to the third phase. In case of advance, in phase 3 the «Arabs» will be measured against the winner of the key between E1 (Bolivia 4 vs Guarani) and Corinthians. The «tetracolors» could enter Group B, of Palmeiras, Bolivar and Tigre of Argentina.For their part, Chile 4, to beat Inter, would play against the winner of the series between Macará and Tolima, being able to access precisely the area of the «UC», Gremio and América de Cali.

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