translated from Spanish: Esteban Paredes: “many people asked in the street to break the record before the U”

Esteban Paredes in conversation with radio Cooperativa, referred to the topicality of Colo Colo and their chances of beating the record and become the historic scorer of Chilean soccer in the meeting before the U which will be held in May.
“Many people asked on the street that you break the record before the U, but as I said I am extremely quiet waiting to have parties to go feeling much better and thus, first to help the team and then break the record” the historic scorer albo said.
Walls has 212 entries and is just four goals to break the record of Francisco “chamaco” Valdés.
About the present of the albos, walls said pointed to conflicts dirigenciales, particularly in the elections of the directory of black and white between Aníbal Mosa and Gabriel Ruiz Tagle.
“I want a Colo Colo much better than it is. “The that come and do it in a good way and I hope that once and for all let us have differences, we have a solid Colo Colo and fighting every year at the international level, as it was before” said the striker.
Walls said, on the dispute between the two albos directors, that “if things are personal… The truth I have no idea. But I future I want to see a Colo Colo fighting the Copa Libertadores or Copa Sudamericana, trying to get more players from the quarry as it was before.”

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