translated from Spanish: He is beaten to death by young man after defending his girlfriend in Neza

The events that cost the life of those who were identified as Julio César «N», were recorded in the early hours of Monday on 19th Street, between avenues 2 and 4, in the colony Las Aguilas, in this municipality, at the age of 31.
Police authorities reported that according to the first investigations that were carried out, the now-West was taking in the street with several «friends», when the heat of the cups he realized that these subjects were overdoing with his girlfriend.
In such a situation, the now-Westerner became enraged and angrily demanded of his companions, who answered him and began to insult him, so at that time a quarrel began.
During the squabour, because they were the majority, the unfortunate young man’s «friends» beat him brutally until they realized he was no longer moving, so when they considered that they had already killed him they gave the escape.
The now-West bride upon realizing that, she was no longer moving and that her health was very serious, she immediately asked for the help of an ambulance, although when City Rescue paramedics arrived they only did so to report that she was already dead.
Upon becoming aware of the facts, while municipal police cordoned off the entire area, the public prosecutor’s office showed up at the site, where once he conducted the ministerial proceedings and ordered the lifting of the corpse, he initiated the corresponding investigation folder for the crime of homicide.
Ministerial police reported that with the information given by the bride of the occiso of the alleged murderers, they have already started investigations and were confident that from one moment to the next they will be located and arrested.

Original source in Spanish

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