translated from Spanish: Was it that Chile was never prepared?

Was it that Chile was never prepared to be the headquarters, let alone preside, which is the most important climate summit of the year, cop 25? It is that if we think about it, Chile is a country where forestry, mining, salmon and the fruit growing industry, coupled with the coal-growing industry, are the ones who currently control our country and keep our neighbors in poor health, well-being and dignity.
For several years now, a model of development has been installed in our country and around the world that favours the economic growth of a few at the expense of the suffering of many. Today we see how 40% of our GDP is based on exports, while «60% of GDP, especially the export sector, depends on water.» This, translated into practice, means that more than 400,000 people today do not have access to safe drinking water, as they are now used to supply the country’s large productive sectors, such as mining or fruit farming (Source: Report: Report: Report: Report: Report: Report: Report ECLAC 2018) . By way of example, in the commune of Petorca (V region), we are witnessing how large agro-export companies are taking water away from our neighbors and neighbors to irrigate the avocados that are consumed at the tables of developed countries such as China, the UNITED States or the Union European.
Chile today has not only failed the millions of Chileans who were going out to march in the face of greater social justice, but now it has failed the whole world and with it the millions of young people who were going out to march for our future.
At Cop 25 we saw how Chile opened the doors to the fossil fuel lobby and the most polluting companies to take the agreements, and consequently the presidency has presented a text that seems to accommodate the industry much more fossil fuels than to people who today suffer from the real impacts of climate change.
In short, in both Chile and Madrid, our current government has shown that it is not up to the conflict. If these last few months have witnessed the incompetence of the President of the Republic, a president who simply failed to give real solutions and respond on time to the demands of his compatriots, these last few days we have seen up close the incompetence of the Minister of the Environment, who is not only ending the future of an entire generation, but is also putting off the suffering of those who now live in slaughter zones and lack the minimum conditions to live a dignified life.
If Chile really had a serious commitment to climate ambition, then it would go home and close today the most polluting power plants, compromise a real decarbonization plan in line with what science says, by 2030, not 2040, not by 2050 and I would sign once and for all the Escazú agreement, an agreement that not only guarantees the participation of citizens in decision-making regarding the environment, but also safeguards and protects those who fight today and defend our mother earth.
Enough of the false speeches and empty words, it’s time for world leaders to put on their pants and take concrete steps to tackle the climate and ecological crisis before it’s too late. For years the fight against climate change has been hampered by closed-door meetings and aisle agreements between the presidents of nations and the presidents of large corporations, but today it is different, today the eyes of the world are on you.
Mr President, are you willing to take over climate change, move towards real decarbonization by 2030, and protect our environmental defenders by signing the Escazu agreement?

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