translated from Spanish: Canned wines and ready-to-drink drinks are the new consumer trends

Easy-to-go swallows and ready-to-drink options are some of the new forms of consumption that have had to be adopted by companies looking to reach new generations.
They were born with technology and after the 80s; are concerned about their health and are looking for alternatives that are environmentally friendly. These are the characteristics of Millennials and Generation Z, groups that when deciding what to take, opt for products that have an added value.
But what’s this generation’s favorite drink? A Wine Market Council study found that Millennials’ preferred drink is wine and that, in consumption instances, they drink about three glasses. This has led companies in the field to bet on new alternatives in order to capture these generations, one of them are canned wines.
This format has been successfully implemented in European countries and the United States. According to Nielsen data, the canned wine market reached $70 million in the US in 2018, an increase of 70%. In the UK, the category has increased by 125% year-on-year until August 2019, and with a value of close to .3.6 million. «Canned wines are gaining more ground every day and the data suggest that this will be a lasting trend, not a passing fad,» Forbes told Forbes from Nielsen.
This is how our country did not want to be left behind and national vineyards have joined this trend. The first to enter this category was Viña Santa Rita. The company launched this year, Rita Rosé, the first canned rosé and, a couple of months ago, added Rita Blanc ( a Sauvignon Blanc) and Rita Sparkling, a low-calorie brut sparkling.
In addition to being easy to carry, wine in this format is friendly to our planet: «Consumers are increasingly concerned about the care of the environment and aluminum cans are one of the most recycled beverage containers in the world» , highlights the Manager of Corporate Marketing of Viña Santa Rita, Jaime de la Barra, who also ensures that 70% of each of the containers is made of aluminum that was previously recycled.
Open and take
Another feature demanded by new generations is ready to drink. Before people wanted to make their own preparations, today the younger ones want to open the product and be ready to take.
In this regard, Bernardo Serrano, director of La Coctelera, says that the ready to drink category is one of the most growing and not only with wines and sparkling wines: «Many recognized brands of the distillates that offer classic cocktails have been added, which Just put the mixture in a glass, add a decoration or our touch and the preparation is ready.»
Therefore, we can see that currently in the national market there are different options available in this format, among them the pisco to go, the spritzers, sangrias and even whiskeys that come with cola drinks or tonics.

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