translated from Spanish: President Piñera said to expect Christmas values to “get our country out of this confronted, angry, rarefied climate that we have lived in”

In the Christmas message, after leading the celebration of the officials of the palace of La Moneda, the president, Sebastián Piñera, called the unit in the country, after more than two months of social mobilizations. The Representative said that Christmas is a time of “union, peace, reconciliation, hope” and called for such acts to be present not only in Chilean families, but also in opposition, the government, Chile Vamos and throughout the country.” With unity, peace, reconciliation, we will be able to look to the future with more hopes, those are Christmas values and hopefully we can make them live in the soul and in the heart of each and every Chilean family, not just tonight , but hopefully they will come back and get our country out of this confronted, enangry, rarefied climate that we have lived in,” said the President, who added that “this is not the Chile we all want, this is not the Chile that Chileans deserve.” On the situation of the ruling coalition and how to rebuild relations, after the break-up between the UDI with the rest of the parties that make up the collective, Piñera said that “that Christmas gives us the answer, to leave behind all those feelings of conflict, of division, confrontation and looking for what binds us, instead of looking for what sets us apart, let’s look for how much it binds us.” This is not only valid for Chile Vamos, it is valid for the whole country, that is why I hope that this Christmas with the Christmas spirit will not run out in one night, but that it is the path that takes us to this year 2020 that is beginning and that I have faith and hope that will not be exhausted be a great year for you, for your family, for Chile and for the world.”

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