translated from Spanish: 10-year-old girl was knocked unconscious and committed to attacking with tear-slating

As reported by radio University of Chile a child under 10 years of age suffered serious damage on the night of this Saturday resulting from receiving the tear gas used by Carabineros, so it was derived to the Roberto Del Río Hospital, even e In the first instance the girl was cared for by staff of the organization «Health in Resistance». Following the finding of fact, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Centro Norte would have carried out an investigation into the case, while the Legal Clinic of the U. Chile began to evaluate legal actions on its part. The child’s mother was with her two daughters – aged ten and seven – as well as a niece, on the corner of Ramón Corvalán street with the Alameda, where the wake was held in memory of Mauricio Fredes, a protester who died during the protests last Friday. According to the report of witnesses and people who attended the child, the problems stemmed from indiscriminate use of tear gas by Carabineros, and the consequences on the 10-year-old girl were a complex motor commitment, which came after being unconscious for almost 20 minutes. The use of these elements by the police force would have begun in the midst of the commemorative event, with the use of the car throwing water and tear gas. After this fact the mother of the child fainted as a result of the intensity of the tear-cells. After this, Natalí Jarpa, a nursing student who received and cared for the family at the point of medical care, noted that «the 10-year-old girl, for protecting her seven-year-old sister, goes to her and receives the tear-gas. When the skunk comes she goes to her sister and, as far as the 10-year-old told, she feels a strong impact on her back. Which we still don’t know what he got on his back. But a very strong impact, because it had a deviation of the spine, that is, it was a girl who when we received it had a hemiplegia. He couldn’t move half his body, he had no muscle strength in his left leg, in his left arm. He had speech problems, he made a lot of effort to talk. In fact, when we saw it at the point, it was very serious.»

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