translated from Spanish: Manager of U. Española and duel with the U: “Jorge Segovia is willing to pay what you have to pay in case of going to the TAS”

Luis Baquedano reiterated that the Hispanics will not be presented to the semi-final against the Azules, who will define Chile 4’s coupo in the Libertadores. “It’s illegal,” said the executive, who said that depending on the ANFP’s determination, the club could turn to the arbitration body.

The manager of Unión Española, Luis Baquedano, reiterated that the club has no intention of showing up for the copa Chile semi-final dispute against the U, which yesterday was scheduled for Saturday 18 January in La Serena, by ANFP.
“This is illegal,” the Hispanic executive told El Mercurio, where he added that “we’re going to challenge this programming, because for us this is another tournament, with new bases.”
Baquedano also proposed that the club expects the Chile 4 quota to hand over the semi-final, appointed by an extraordinary council of presidents.
“It’s not that Union doesn’t want to play: the 2019 Chile Cup is over and this is another tournament,” said Baquedano, who argued that ANFP decided to stop the entire 2019 season.
Regarding the decision to appeal to the TAS, the general manager of Unión Española reiterated that “it depends on what the ANFP determines” and I assure you that in case the president of the club, Jorge Segovia “is willing to pay what has to be paid in case of going to the TAS”.

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