translated from Spanish: Bolivia issues “international press order” against Evo Morales to prevent her from participating in DD forum. HH to be held in Chile

Bolivia’s transitional government activated an “international order of repression” against former President Evo Morales, assilated in Argentina, to avoid his participation in a human rights forum in Chile, Government Minister Arturo Murillo reported on Wednesday (08.01.2020).
“We have given order for the activation in Interpol of the order of international pressure that we have drawn against Evo Morales for the news of Chile,” Murillo said at a press conference.
The minister alluded to a tweet from the right-wing Senator Ivan Moreira, who announced that Morales is planning to attend a human rights forum in Chile this month. However, Morales said on his Twitter account that he lacks an “official invitation” or information about that forum.
“I have no official invitation or information about a human rights event in #Chile. Before when I was a leader, racists declared me a non-pleasant person, now as an indigenous president, they are asking for my arrest,” Morales wrote.
Murillo said the order activated on Wednesday is to prevent Morales, who has intense political activity in his political refuge, “may be walking like Pedro for his home” in the region.
For its part, the United States said to look forward to Morales being able to “provoke violence” in the Andean country, which is preparing for a new presidential election on May 3 following the unrippled elections in October that led to the resignation of the representative.
A senior State Department official said Wednesday that Donald Trump’s administration celebrates Bolivia ‘going back on the democratic path’ and warned of a possible destabilizing role for Morales.

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