translated from Spanish: President Tsai holds Taiwan presidential election

Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, on Saturday (11.01.2020) won a clear triumph in the country’s presidential election, with a broad advantage over its main rival, pro-Chinese candidate Han Kuo-yu, whom exceeds by twenty points with more than 60% of the votes counted.
According to data provided by the Central Electoral Commission at 19.30 local hours (11.30 GMT), Tsai got 4,726,238 votes (57%), while Han won 3,099,232 support (37%).
In legislative elections held on Saturday, the gap between the formations of both candidates was, however, smaller, although Tsai’s Democratic Progressive Democratic Party (DPP) is at the forefront of 35% of the vote compared to 33% of the Kuomintang of Han, with 62% of the votes counted.
Analysts had already predicted that it would be more difficult for the DPP to win parliamentary elections, although the trend so far in the count suggests that it could achieve it by a narrow margin.
Tsai, who defends the island’s ‘status quo’ and maintains a position of greater confrontation with mainland China, thus obtains an unthinkable triumph less than a year ago, when polls placed Han with a twenty-point advantage over his eventual eventual re-elected nomination.
Since then, the protests and violence in Hong Kong, coupled with statements by Chinese President Xi Jingping, in which he did not exclude the use of force in relation to Taiwan, have contributed significantly to the aupar to Tsai until he was able to turn the Probes.
Han, for his part, advocated during the campaign to improve the relationship with Beijing, but without accepting the principle of a single China posing communist rule, for which Taiwan is a di-cola province that must return to its jurisdiction.

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