translated from Spanish: A woman kidnapped in Cuauhtémoc is rescued

CDMX.- A woman deprived of her liberty was rescued and her alleged plagiary injured last night, following a shooting in Colonia Juarez, in Cuauhtémoc.De according to police reports, a man reported that they had his mother deprived of his liberty in a building in the Lisbon Street.

Police officers from the Ministry of Citizen Security came to the place where the victim was allegedly located. The watchman recognized the woman by a photograph and allowed access to the agents. Outside the apartment, they knocked on the door, but a guy came out with a submachine gun and opened fire on the uniforms. The cops managed to repel the assault and injured the assailant. They immediately entered the property, where they found the woman they were looking for in a bedroom, manhandled, gagged, and apparently sedated by a psychotropic substance, so the elements of the SSC requested emergency services. Later, paramedics treated the victim, as well as the criminal injured by the uniformed. The potential perpetrator was transferred to a trauma hospital, as a detainee, to continue investigations relevant to the case. The woman was also taken to a nosocomio for rehabilitation. In turn, notice was given to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Anti-Kidnapping Prosecutor’s Office, who initiated the relevant inquiries.

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