translated from Spanish: They present advances of the film Destino 111

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Initially it would be 111 magical villages of the 32 states of the republic that would be part of the film Destiny 111, however, the enthusiasm and interest that the project aroused in entrepreneurs, authorities and the public, led to the tape produced and directed by José Francisco Romero filmed the cultural, historical charm and traditions of a total of 121 populations of our country. A year and a half after the start of this independent film project, which was born in the Tianguis Turístico Mazatlán 2018, the red carpet for the presentation of the music video and two trailers of the film was made in this port on the night of Friday, January 17 , which is estimated to see the light in the middle of this year. After a delicious cocktail with gastronomy representative of Mazatlan, the guests, among them representatives of tourism and authorities, project entrepreneurs and characters of the society, were personally received on the red carpet by the actors Hugo Ceja, Chucho Jones and Santiago Trotamundos to take pictures.

Photo: Jorge Osuna

At 9:20 p.m. the third call was announced and drivers Emileidy Lopez and Elius Tapia welcomed the film’s music video. It was the turn of the director José Francisco Romero to take the floor to emphasize that thanks to this project they have touched the hearts of many regions, of a lot of culture, for which it was said very grateful and emphasized: «Today, Sinaloa achieved. Thank you very much.» He noted that they believe that the seventh art has in a certain way seen other areas of opportunity in films that do not promote this country and are not our face. 


«It was my turn to agree with Estrada, who is one of the main actors here and gave me an important philosophy of life, because we were talking about the other side of Mexico, a lot of people told us we have to teach the other side and it’s not true, he taught me and he told me , ‘it’s not the face that is (the real one) it’s the Sinaloense, it’s the aguachile, it’s food, its gastronomy, its people and its culture,’ Romero emphasized before giving rise to the screening of the first trailer in which the film’s protagonist, the actor Negro Deus , in scenes captured in Salvador Alvarado.Rituals and ethnic ceremonies were also captured in the advances presented, as well as attractive natural scenarios of magical villages in the north of the country. 


In the following speech he asked papik Ramírez, director of the Sinaloense Institute of Culture (ISIC), who pointed out the importance of this production because it will help promote the state. He added that as a State Government, work is also underway to promote Mazatlan as a creative city in gastronomy. The evening continued with advances and the projection of the advance with what was filmed in Sinaloa, where the Museo de Pedro Infante in Guamúchil is included, articles from his beginnings as a carpenter and one of his guitars.

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