translated from Spanish: Critica PRI Michoacán, lack of transparency and deficiencies of Insabi

Naomi Carmona 
Morelia, Michoacán.- On behalf of the Institutional Revolutionary Party of Michoacán (PRI), the delegate of that political institute, Enrique Martini Castillo, harshly criticized the shortcomings of the Institutes of Health and Welfare (Insabi), a proposal of the government replacing People’s Insurance.
Among the points that the priist emphasized was that in the Insabi has not been transparent its financing scheme, nor does it have clear rules of operation, both for the allocation of resources, and the affiliation scheme.
In the face of statements by some political actors emanating from Morena, that the Institute of Health and Welfare will have no cost to Mexicans, the PRI delegate to the entity refuted that the facts are different, remembering patient videos to the they were charged for accessing the health service.

«Between saying and doing is different; there are thousands of complaints across the country about the Insabi deficiency in relation to fundamental attention.»

Another point that Martini Castillo pointed out is the experience between the holders of The Popular Insurance, Julio Frenk Mora, and the Insabi, Juan Antonio Ferrer Aguilar; the former with extensive experience in studies and public functions around public health, while the second is more focused on anthropology.

«It’s a huge difference to an issue as fundamental as the backbone of health care in the country, and today Insabi is left to an expert but on anthropology issues that are very different from public health.»

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