translated from Spanish: Trump lawyers call on scraping ‘deal’ political trial

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s legal team stated Monday that the representative “did absolutely nothing wrong” and called on the Senate to quickly reject what he described as a “fenable” argument for the impeachment against him. Trump’s lawyers’ briefs, presented at a time when senators prepare to return in time to Washington for the initial arguments, provides the most detailed picture of the defense that they intend to use against the Democratic attempt to condemn the dismiss him for his interactions with Ukraine. It aims to counter a motion filed two days ago by Democratic representatives, summarizing weeks of statements from more than a dozen witnesses, which forms the basis of the case.

“All of this is a dangerous misrepresentation of the Constitution that the Senate should condemn quickly and outrightly,” the lawyers wrote. “The charges should be rejected and the president should be acquitttttted immediately.” The 110-page White House brief was filed while the last preparations are being made at the Capitol for impeachment. Since the process will take place in election year, some of the same senators seeking to replace Trump in the presidency will serve as jurors. The document has a more legal tone, but still similar to campaign slogans. It is based on Trump’s claims that he did nothing wrong and committed no crime, although a impeachment does not depend on a material violation of the law but on a more ambiguous definition of “serious crimes and offenses,” as set forth in the Constitution.In the midst of a major security operation at the Capitol, lower house prosecutors made their way through the tourists who roamed the Senate chamber. The White House legal team, led by Pat Cipollone and Jay Sekulow, followed soon after. Both sides were instructed to keep the doors of the compound closed to tourists and press. Four television screens were installed inside to show testimonials, evidence and possible tweets and social media posts, according to a person with knowledge of the matter and who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to reveal deliberations Internal. Senators are preparing for just the third such trial in the country’s history, but must first deal with a dispute over the rules and the possible admission of new witnesses. The White House legal team noted Monday that it will back up The Senate Majority Leader’s Package, Mitch McConnell, including one that would give both parties 24 hours in two days to present their arguments. In a motion they filed Monday, House prosecutors responded to Trump’s plea of innocence by demanding a fair trial in the Senate.

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