translated from Spanish: 70 percent of administrative offenses in Morelia are related to alcohol or drugs

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán.- Of those arrested by the Morelia Police due to administrative misconduct, 70 percent of them were in contact with drugs or alcoholic beverages, according to Commissioner Julisa Suárez Bucio.
Within the framework of the forum “Attention and Prevention of Addictions, Together for Peace”, the person in charge of security in the capital of Michoacana, detailed that most of the cases mentioned, are people who belong to the northern part of the city.
While 80 percent are related to drug or alcohol use.
Julisa Suarez detailed that daily detainees for administrative faults of about 8 people, on weekends the number increases to 12 and the football days, the number rises up to 20 people, this because the consumption of alcohol also increases.
Therefore, the one at the regional security tables, the Morelia City Council encourages the generating strategies or actions that address the issue of addictions.

“From Civic Justice what we do is channel them for treatment to the Comprehensive Youth Center to people who are users of marijuana and alcohol and we channel all other people who are drug users to CAPA.”

According to the commissioner, attention to addicts who incur misdemeanours is more important to the city administration, rather than punish them, as she said that arrest and fines will not create solutions to the underlying problem.

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