translated from Spanish: “Let me finish”: The tense debate between Monserrat Alvarez and evangelical pastor

In a new chapter of chV’s morning, “With you in the morning”, there was a tense debate between the driver Monserrat Alvarez and the evangelical pastor Marcos Morales, who was raised the issue of the income they have in their church. The moment began when they talked about “how they handled tithing,” and that’s when the Morales expressed that “no one has asked me when I win, the brothers don’t ask how much I earn.” I will not satisfy the desire or whim of the outsiders of the church,” he added. To which the journalist replied that “what happens in Jotabeche is the same system that you have in your church, in the sense of how tithing is given and how it is handled … is it not given for abuse?” At that moment, the obfuscated shepherd declared that “here you earn more than any average Chilean and you know it, you don’t earn a million strawweights.”” No, you just don’t deflect the subject. I could think of this, like people who are journalists, can make 30 million or 25 million, as Julio Cesar Rodríguez wins, that I find an unashamed, that a man earns 25 million pesos a month,” Morales again lashed. cheerleader replied that “my partner is not present, he earns the money, legally, transparently, pays taxes and also works in three more jobs, I have no idea how much he earns.” The theme went on, but after the pastor insisted on his position Monserrat Alvarez stated that “the theme is to dialogue here and you are going to a topic… you know what’s going on, if you don’t let me talk, I’ll really leave the show to you so you alone,” the cheerleader reacted indignantly.” Well, you can kick me out like they got on another show,” Morales resented. And the communicator replied that “no, because I’m not going to throw him out. The issue is not specifically the figures, the system we are asking is from curiosity and also from questioning.” When interrupted, very annoying Alvarez stated “let me finish”.

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