translated from Spanish: This week is part of the IX Santiago OFF 2020 International Festival

This Thursday 23 January, from 18 hours, we will be given a new edition of the Santiago Off International Festival, which will be held until February 1.
The epicentre of the activities will be the Esplanade of the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, where the work Agitadores and the bands Yorka and Alameda Memoria will be presented.
The event will begin with the dance work Agitators, from the company Platform Mono created by Pita Torres. The work is a scenic practice that proposes to build and cohabit a collective desire, to venture to the possibility of transforming into others. Articulate common desires, lose ourselves in the form, create mobilizations to resist them, produce powers to denounce bad practices, overflow to defend ourselves and devour us, put body work on, reset us and escape the world.
Then, the music will begin by the band Alameda Memoria, who come to present their most recent work, Menéndez: Rise and Fall of the King of Patagonia (2020), a narration through songs of the rise to power of José Menéndez, his networks of corruption and his historical responsibility in the genocide of the Native Fueguinos in the late 19th century.
Finally, the closure will be in charge of the pop, political, contingent and romantic sound of Yorka, one of the most prominent national bands of recent years.
Formed in early 2012 and with 3 study papers to date, they have managed to become an important fan base throughout Chile. Intimate songs, with danceable melodies and powerful lyrics that include reflections on the loss, love and the inevitable passage of time.
Fish Walking and School OFF
Earlier in the day, from 15:30 hours, the performance Fish Walk!, of the Rabbit Complex Collective will be performed.
Passers-by from the center of Santiago will witness how a shoal of fish will walk through the streets, starting from the frontis of the Chilean National Theatre and taking a tour of the surrounding streets interacting with people and generating fun and unusual situations.
In addition, on Thursday 23 the School Off begins, with the International Training Meetings, two of the 3 Performance workshops and the days of theatrical criticism. These activities will be carried out in the Theater Department of the University of Chile and the Universidad Mayor.
The programming of the more than 100 functions that are part of the IX Santiago OFF International Festival are located here.

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