translated from Spanish: France reports first two cases of Wuhan coronavirus in Europe

The French government announced on Friday that it has confirmed two cases of the Wuhan coronavirus (China), in Bordeaux (southwest) and in Paris, which would be the first two detected in Europe. The Gallic authorities added that the number of infected is very likely to increase over the hours and that in other regions of the continent there are also people sick with the virus.
The French Minister of Health, Agnas Buzyn, explained that the first case is a 48-year-old Bordeaux patient who recently traveled to Wuham for professional affairs. According to Buzyn, the patient returned to France on 22 January and went to a doctor’s office for his symptoms, and was immediately admitted to an isolated room. However, he was previously in contact with a dozen people.
From the second patient, he acknowledged not having the medical history, but it is confirmed that he underwent the respective tests and that they tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus. This patient, who was also in China, is admitted to isolation at the Paris hospital Bichat, added the authority, who said that “there are likely to be other cases already in Europe” and took for granted that new contagions will appear in the coming days.
Impossible to close borders
Buzyn defined the situation as “a fire to be circumscribed,” and explained that anyone who has traveled to China and presents the symptoms of Wuhan’s coronavirus should not go to the hospital, but telephones a special service enabled for this epidemic, whose team will arrive at the patient’s home to care for him.
“We have the first European cases today probably because we already had the tests ready and we are able to identify them,” she said. “In today’s world it is very difficult to close the borders. You really can’t,” he added. This day also the United States confirmed a second case of the disease, while Nepal reported its first patient with evil, which has already caused 26 deaths in China.

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