translated from Spanish: Rise to 41 crown virus deaths in China

The coronavirus deaths – which cause “Wuhan pneumonia” – rose to 41 of the 1,287 diagnosed infective people in China, the National Health Commission of Wuhan reported until Friday night. The agency said that cases had been detected in all but Tibet’s Chinese provinces, and that 39 of the 41 deaths have occurred in Hubei Province, where the type of pneumonia is the epicenter of the outbreak, as reported by Cooperativa. Meanwhile, 237 patients are in serious condition, while 38 people have healed and were discharged. Health authorities lead the medical follow-up to 15,197 people who have been in close contact with one of the infected, of which 13,967 remain under observation. Outside China, four infected people have been reported in Thailand (two of which are controlled), 2 contagions in Taiwan and equal numbers in Singapore and France, and two in each of the following countries: Japan (one cured), South Korea, the United States and Viet Nam. In addition, there is one in Nepal. In the last few hours the first infected in Australia was confirmed, it is a 50-year-old man, a visitor from China, and the authorities confirmed that he is stable.

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