translated from Spanish: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the ‘Michoacán Educational Agreement 2020’

From: Economist Mtro. Miguel Angel Ayala Barajas
January 23, 2020 was the day, after multiple announcements by the Governor of the State of Michoacán, from 2019 and the beginning of 2020, an Educational Agreement was achieved, which in the previous announcements of the Governor himself and several political actors , was called Federalization of the Educational Payroll. While it is true that access to the aforementioned Agreement cannot be accessed, so it is not possible to have more details of the conditions under which the education sector in Michoacán operated in this year, I would like to express my opinion, based on the information that exists up to the moment Or.
Clearly, the best part of this Agreement is securing the salary by 2020 for teachers, administrative and support staff for education; for, whatever the origin of the resources, a worker who performs a role must receive the corresponding payment for his own and family support. That, if this represents the fact that the various trade union forces stop their daily demonstrations and struggles, it is not a security, it is only a fact that time will show it; it cannot be inferred that teachers will not suspend classes and that children will cover 100% of the school calendar, not at this time.
The fact that the State Government remains the teacher’s employer and that the payment was executed by the Secretariat of State Education presumes that the underlying problem was not «resolved» and in a «historical» manner as announced, if not only for this year 2020. By 2021, the State Government will have to knock on the Federation’s door again and will have to re-agree on the resources to cover the year’s payroll in mention, as it is a State responsibility. Federalizing should have meant that the Federal Government was fully and directly responsible for the payment to
teachers in Michoacán. By the way, and contrary to what is said, such an educational agreement is only a «better» to the serious illness suffered by state finances.
It is a real rude ness in the way the political class «hangs» or seeks to profit through advertisements and newspaper notes from the signing of the aforementioned Agreement and how, its party or its representative, managed to make it happen. But it is truly even more rude, the flattery to those who intervened in the aforementioned Agreement by certain «columnists», which has been made through some media outlets. As a society, we must remind our representatives that they should not be thanked or flattered because they do their job but demand that they comply with it.

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