translated from Spanish: Chile Vamos accused Bachelet of meddling in Chile’s «internal policy»

Chile Vamos reacted awkwardly to the statements released by Horizonte Ciudadano’s executive director, Valentina Quiroga, who referred to her meeting with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet. «Bachelet gave us guidelines for working for the unity of the sector (…) As a Chilean, she is looking at the hopeful process of it working and giving Chile a historic opportunity to deepen democracy,» Quiroga said in an interview with La Tercera, a phrase that generated widespread rejection from officialism, a sector that accused the former Command of meddling in the country’s domestic politics. In this regard, UDI Deputy Juan Antonio Coloma commented on the same medium that «there are two things that are troubling. First, since the founding of former President Michelle Bachelet, she has been entering into domestic politics. She plays a role as High Commissioner in HRD, but at the same time she is playing a role in domestic politics, which is complex, because one wonders how far she acts with complete impartiality in her role as High Commissioner of HRD.» Coloma also accused that since the Bachelet-linked foundation a campaign of terror has been made regarding the «Reject» option for the Plebiscite on April 26. «What we are seeing is that it has started, even from the command of former President Bachelet, a campaign of terror in case he wins the option of rejection, especially since they see that since all kinds of polls were started, that option has gradually gone up «. Meanwhile, the deputy head of the national renewal (RN) deputies bench, Catalina del Real, called Valentina Quiroga’s interview «outrageous.» «See how Bachelet comes to Chile in reserved form to meet with his collaborators to use a foundation to articulate and influence young people to vote, as well as organizing the left in a political campaign, delegitimizing her in her role international at the UN,» she said. From Evópoli they also expressed dissatisfaction with the sayings of Quiroga. The party’s chairman, Luciano Cruz-Coke, felt that it should be Michelle Bachelet herself who clarified her statements. «I think she would have to corroborate this. It seems to me that if she plays a role in the United Nations, which is precisely intended to ensure respect for HRDs around the world, that can be made compatible with having a role in the Chilean political contingency, even through interpostita people , as Valentina Quiroga. We are awaiting clarification by the same former president,» Cruz-Coke said.Finally, MP Issa Kort (UDI) noted that «all former presidents have the right to express their opinion on what is happening in our country and act through their foundations or press expressions (…) I do not believe that the guidelines announced by President Bachelet’s collaborator can be described as meddling in domestic policy issues.»

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