translated from Spanish: Sergio Micco asked General Rozas for «personal discernment»

A call for carabineros Director General Mario Rozas to make a personal discernment in the context of the latest acts of violence in the country and that in the last 24 hours they have left a balance of two people deceased and another in during social demonstrations, formulated inDH Director Sergio Micco.The director of the National Institute of Human Rights, Sergio Micco, stated that the latest acts of violence, including people who died and injured, the attack on police stations and governorates «remember the worst of what has happened in Chile in recent months and this cannot continue.» When asked by the press if he would ask for the resignation of the director general of Carabineros, Micco replied: «We as an Institute do not place or ask for the waiver of any authority and, in fact, we are cooperating with the authorities to get ahead of this Crisis. But we also present criminal claims and Carabineros CEO Mario Rozas has to make a personal discernment because obviously neither public order is being guaranteed, nor on the other hand, the full guarantee of protection of human rights.» The Director of INDH recalled that the Annual Report on the Situation of Human Rights in Chile in the context of the Social Crisis, it was found that there was undue autonomy on the part of Carabineros of Chile, which is aggravated by a number of situations of abuse and discont role, which generates serious consequences in national coexistence.» Clearly here we must see both sides: We have no public order and we do not have full guarantee of human rights. We present queellas, but at the same time we participate as responsibly as possible in supporting instances such as the technical table for the modernization of Carabineros. We, observers of the Institute, are in this process and encourage the Executive Branch to move as quickly as possible in reforming Carabineros,» said the director of INDH. Micco also referred to the actions that the INDH will take against Judge Andrea Acevedo, because in her opinion, «beyond legal action, it is obvious that there is a disqualification for pretrial and statements that do not state relation to the background of the process.» As an Institute in general we do not give opinions on what other state bodies say, but it is a fact that these statements did not contribute at all to the climate of peace that Chile needs and the democratic rule of law can make it look, through higher justice courts, how you react to these statements. We will take legal action, using our powers as an Institute, just so that these sayings have consequences with respect to the judge,» said the national director of the INDH.

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