translated from Spanish: Libya and Brianda, the queens of Carnival and The Floral Games

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The great mystery to meet the new queens of the Carnival of Mazatlan 2020 finally ended with the choice of the sovereigns of the highest festival. The favorites from the uncovering of this festival were Libya Gavica and Brianda Lizarraga and indeed are now the new queens of Carnival and The Floral Games respectively. 


The long-awaited event on this occasion was held on the esplanade of the Convention Center, where the 12 young Mazatlecas looked spectacular and confident. The difficult task of evaluating criteria and beauty of each of the candidates fell to the designer Carlos Pineda, Perla Beltrán, the maqullista of the stars Alfonso Whitman, Mara Patricia Castañeda, the Sinaloense singer Miguel Martinez, the driver Mónica Noguera and actress Lourdes Munguia.

It should be noted that the make-up artist of the stars was the strictest judge at the time of issuing his qualifications for the candidates.

Libya Gavica Farriols

The dancistic program that tonight shone on stage and managed to convey joy to the audience was in charge of the choreographies of countries such as Argentina and of course Mexico. Cristal Silva and Ricardo Barrera, served as drivers of the event.

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