translated from Spanish: Relatives tell how the victims of the attack in Uruapan were like

A few days after the armed attack on a video game and slot machine business in Uruapan, Michoacán, which left 9 dead, including 4 minors, relatives of the murdered girls tell what they were like and what they were doing at the scene.
The attack was recorded last Monday in a business located in Josefa Ortíz street of Domínguez, La Magdalena colony. According to the authorities, four armed subjects arrived at the scene, asked about some people and then fired, with weapons for the exclusive use of the Army, at the youths and minors who were at the premises.
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Nine people were shot dead and two injured.
The nine deaths were identified as: Michelangelo, 13; Luis Angel, 16; Orlando, 16; José Alexis, 14; Christopher, 18; Sergio, 39, and 18-year-old, And Oscar.
On Wednesday, family and friends buried seven of the nine victims and demanded justice from the authorities.
Michelangelo played after school
At the age of 13, Michelangelo was in his second year of high school and his enthusiasm was to continue studying to grow professionally.
In an interview for Noticieros Televisa, his father Miguel Angel, recounts that his son was a good student and liked to play football. In his spare time he enjoyed playing slot machines.
His grandmother, Rosa Gutierrez, recounted to the middle La Voz de Michoacán, that the youngest was also a fan of video games and that almost daily, after school, he attended the business where the attack was committed. 
Michelangelo was shot twice by the assailants, one in the head and one in the neck.
Luis Angel, video game fan
Another of the victims was 16-year-old Luis Angel, who was on site because he was an «avid video gamer». 
According to her mother on Monday, she had ordered Luis not to go to the video game business, but it was so much his bigotry that the young man expects an oversight of her to leave his home and go to the venue to play.
Richard was with his brother, only one survived
Brothers Ricardo, 21, and Hector Sandoval, 15, came to the machine business together, but only one came out alive.
According to the ninety-degree agency, during the attack both were hit by gunfire. The older brother died at the scene, while Hector was injured and was taken to a hospital where he is reported as serious.
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Like the rest of the victims, the Sandoval brothers only played inside the business when the assault occurred.
So far, the Michoacan authorities have not reported on detainees, any possible motives of the crime or if they have any criminal groups identified as allegedly responsible.
All that is known is that at the site of the attack were located «65 ballistic elements» caliber 9 mm.
From the day of the attack, the Ministry of Security of Michoacán implemented an operation in the municipality of Uruapan in coordination with elements of the National Guard, the Army and the State Prosecutor’s Office.
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