translated from Spanish: Reinforce security in Iguala, Guerrero

Chilpancingo.-After acts of violence recorded in Iguala, Guerrero, federal and state authorities reinforced security in this municipality. Roberto Alvarez Heredia, security spokesman for the state government, did not rule out that the shooting attack by an armed group on people who enjoyed a dance and bullfight in the zacacoyuca community and the subsequent murder of a woman and a man are related to each other.

It noted that the State Attorney General’s Office investigated the material perpetrators of these two acts of violence that perpetrated different groups of organized crime. The official acknowledged that in recent weeks the crime rate has increased in Iguala, a municipality ruled by Morena.Last Sunday, almost midnight, an armed group shot dead in a bullring that was packed with people during a jaripeo in Zacacoyuca, a town located 20 minutes from Iguala.In a video, it is seen that at the door of the bullhouse several subjects fire their AK-47 and AR-15 weapons, causing people to protect theself. 
According to the authorities, the former commissioner of the Paitla del Zapotal community died in the fray, and the commissioner of Zacacoyuca and two men were injured.

Another video that aired last Wednesday sees two men with long guns interrogating a woman and a man, who are responsible for the attack on Zacacoyuca’s bullring. These two people, subdued by alleged members of the United Warriors crime group, appeared dismembered on the Federal Iguala-Chilpancingo Highway, at the height of the town of Sabana Grande.

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