translated from Spanish: They present protection appeal for closure of the southern sector of the National Stadium

Alvaro Delgado, a lawyer and fan at the University of Chile, filed a Thursday protection appeal against Azul Azul, the Intendencia Metropolitana and Estadio Seguro, after the closure of the southern gallery of the Nacional.La Stadium was announced. measure aims to render ineffective the ban on buying tickets in that sector of the coliseum, to all those who attended the matches with Curicó Unido and International de Porto Alegre.Delgado detailed to Radio Cooperativa that «we are currently prevented from buying tickets anywhere in the stadium. Our rights have been violated, we are being discriminated against, and so we will raise an appeal for protection for the Santiago Court of Appeal to establish that there was a violation of rights and order to terminate the measure agreed by Blue Blue and authority» . In addition, he explained on the deadlines that «admissibility can take between one and two days, depending on the complexity of the matter and the workload of the court.» Unfortunately we are in summer and it is operating with fewer rooms. We hope to take place as soon as possible so that we can purchase tickets for the Sabbath (against Unión La Calera),» he added. However, it held that if the appeal fails, they will be covered by the Consumer Act «which prohibits arbitrary discrimination. We can also consider the possibility of a lawsuit by the Zamudio Act.» Delgado ruled that «such a discriminatory and arbitrary measure as preventing innocent people and having to glue the broken plates of a few cannot go unpunished.»

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