translated from Spanish: UNAM to discuss reform to consider serious gender-based violence lack

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) reported that on Wednesday the plenary session of the University Council will discuss reforms to make «gender-based violence a particularly serious cause of responsibility», and to ensure that there is gender parity in the integration of the University Tribunal.
«The University Council shall analyse the amendments to Articles 95 and 99 of its General Statute, to include gender-based violence as a particularly serious cause of responsibility, applicable to all members of the University. If the proposal is adopted, a paragraph VII shall be added to Article 95 of the Statute, concerning particularly serious causes of liability, in order to be as follows:
VII.- The commission of any act of violence and in particular of gender-based violence that violates or limits the human rights and integrity of the people who are part of the university community,» the institution said, in a statement.
Another reform to be discussed, UNAM noted, is a rewording of Article 9 of the Rules of Procedure of the University Court, concerning the means of notification of the commencement of proceedings to a person referred or charged.
«It should be noted that this reform proposal, considered in the opinion of the University Legislation Commission, is the first in a series of amendments to be made to the University Council, with the aim of adapting UNAM legislation to actions to eradicate gender-based violence in the institution,» UNAM said.
The opinion amending the General Statute of UNAM and the Rules of Procedure of the University Court can be found here.
Graue calls for respect for majority agreements
The rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Enrique Graue, asked the students to respect the agreements made by the majority to reopen unemployed campuses.
Through a statement, the rector exhorted «all those who make up the university community so that in the educational campuses where academic life has been restored, the will of the majorities is respected and confrontations are avoided».
He expressed that the university is respectful of the decisions that are made in the various UNAM campuses, and rejected «the use of violence as a means of directing our differences».
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Graue reiterated the University’s support for women «who have raised their voices,» noting that «their demands are absolutely legitimate and must be supported.»
He also invited students to «preserve unity and university values.»

#BoletínUNAM Message from Rector Enrique Graue ,
— UNAM (@UNAM_MX) February 11, 2020

On February 11, the High School 8 facilities were liberated by a group of parents, who removed with chisels and hammers the chains and padlocks with which the campus was kept closed.
In the last week, High School campuses 4 and 6, the National School of Social Work, the Naucalpan College of Sciences and Humanities (CCH), the Azcapotzalco campus and the Faculty of Architecture have also been handed out.
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The remaining unemployed schools are high school campuses 3, 5 and 9, as well as CCH South.
Also the faculties of Philosophy and Letters, the Faculty of Arts and Design, science, political and social sciences, as well as Psychology.
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