translated from Spanish: Fernando’s mom: “My life is not easy, thank you for joining us”

Graciela Sosa, the mother Fernando, spoke in the act that was made a month after the murder of the young man at the door of the bowling alley Le Brique, in Villa Gesell, at the hands of a group of rugbiers. The main event – where Graciela spoke – took place in front of the National Congress but in almost every major square in the country they remembered the young man and called for justice. 
From the stage, the victim’s mother visibly struck herself: “I want to thank everyone for coming with me, it’s not easy without you and with your help it’s going to come true, justice will be done for my son and all the victims of violence” Said.

Accompanied by her husband, Fernando’s girlfriend and her friends, Graciela reminded Fernando: “She was a decent boy, well, who loved life, her neighbor, she wanted to help everyone, she had goals, goals, what they did ruined my husband’s life ruined our life , me and all of us who love him.”
A month after the murder and while the roars are being held in the Dolores prison, a crowd of people gathered to demand justice for the young man. “When I see all of you, I feel like I have the energy to keep fighting for my son. I want you to pay for what you did. Fernando was my life, they don’t know how I miss him,” Graciela closed.

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