translated from Spanish: River vs Boca: The Superclassic for the day of the last date of the Super League

The Superliga enters the final stretch and in the week in which the date 21 is throbbed, the organizers of the tournament of the first division released the fixture of the next day, which will be the last and where you could define everything in river favor , as long as you manage to take more than three points of advantage. However, from the present of both teams, everything seems to indicate that you will come with an advantage of one match until the last day and that day, by regulation, you will have to play at the same time: On the one hand, Atlético Tucumán vs. River, and the other, Boca vs. Gymnastics.

Boca asks to play on Saturday, March 7 in case you have to play with River on the same day and schedule. Photo: NA

This is where another desk battle begins between each other’s leaders. The date is not yet confirmed, but the first matches of the group stage of the Copa Libertadores are coming, so you already know each of the protagonists of the Superclassic on what date it is presented. On River’s side, their initial match of the international tournament will be on Wednesday, March 4 at 21.30 in the city of Quito and the order at AFA is to play on Sunday, March 8. Boca, on the other hand, does not yet know his first opponent, but will play on Tuesday, March 10 at 21.30 in La Bombonera. From this, your order is that the last SuperLiga date be Saturday, March 7. While this is being debated inside and what happens on the remaining dates will be key to defining whether or not this decision is important, the one who revealed the small advantage in favor of Boca was Enrique Sacco, institutional management manager of the Superliga, who gave his reasons at TyC Sports.

River wants it to be Sunday, March 8, because on Wednesday of that week he plays in Quito for Copa Libertadores. Photo: NA

“The fact that Copa Libertadores is played in the week leading and after, where Boca and River are involved, and also Atlético Tucumán, if he qualifies, forces that the right date, without being the best for all, is that of Saturday, in case we had to play the m istheisday and on the same schedule.” It’s not 72 hours that the regulation says, but two full days. You can play on Saturday. Atletico would have no choice but to play on Saturday, because he would also be playing the following Tuesday,” said the Super League representative. For now, it’s all uncertainty and this becomes a new problem of having delayed the start of the tournament. Thus, a new River vs. River is unleashed. Boca, which is conditioned 100% by what happens inside the field.

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