translated from Spanish: Paraguayan prosecutor tests with video that guards let 76 prisoners escape

Asunción.- The Paraguayan Prosecutor’s Office presented on Friday an expert work that shows that pedro Juan Caballero prison guards allowed the escape last month of 76 suspected members of the largest Brazilian criminal group and that the evasion was carried out by a tunnel dug for a week. The leak, which exposed the failures of Paraguay’s prison system, with prison overcrowding and internal corruption, occurred in the early hours of January 19 in the penal of that city, bordering Brazil and one of the first Capital Command (PCC), the network to which the escapee apparently belonged.

Prosecutor Federico Delfino said while the video was being screened at the media, an expert summary presented at the Headquarters of the Prosecutor’s Office, that the plan was organized to have 14 PCC chiefs flee from that criminal, but that the rest took advantage of the situation to escape. Delfino explained that the tunnel was excavated seven days before the escape, according to the surveyor’s study, probably with hoes and spikes. The prosecutor commented on a sequence of pre-run images, in which some guards are observed approaching the tunnel and not “giving notice of it”. He added that this was a “displicent” attitude that showed that “there is responsibility within the penitentiary for the irregularities that were observed”. He further indicated that it was not until an hour and a half after the escape that a guard triggered the alarm upon receiving a call. According to the prosecutor, this reinforces the allegation against 32 people, including officials and guards, including the prison director, who remains in detention.
He (the director) was also aware of what was happening,” Delfino said.

“THEY SAW THE POSSIBILITY AND FUGARON”Delfino noted that the leak began at 01.36 (local time) and that it was intended to escape 14 pcc leaders, among them Timothyteo Ferreira and José Antonio Dos Santos, the first to enter through the tunnel. However, the tunnel opened the door to freedom for a total of 76 prisoners, although the figure of 75 was also handled, who completed that evasion within two hours after descending from the upper prison ward.
So to speak: they saw the possibility and ran away, ” said Delfino.

The prosecutor thus denied that some of the instens escaped through the front door of the prison and that others took their personal belongings, as some sources then pointed out.
It was certainly said that they did not escape through the gate,” the prosecutor said.

The images shown before the media exclude those from outside the prison due to the position of the closed-circuit cameras, in charge of a private company, which only pointed inside, Delfino explained.Outside he had deployed a detachment of the Armed forces, which ensured they didn’t see anything abnormal that morning.

So far there are thirteen prisoners arrested since that escape took place.
The government acknowledged that the corruption of the prison system explains mass evasion, along with intelligence failures. The Ministry of Justice alerted months before the existence of a plan to evade CPC inmates at that prison. Founded in 1993 during a rebellion in a Sao Paulo prison, the CCP has expanded its drug and arms trafficking activity in recent years, especially in the border regions.

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