translated from Spanish: A spectacle the tour of the Carnival Guamúchil 2020

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- A first-class show was the first great tour of the Guamúchil Carnival 2020, which is named “Las Maravillas de la India”, before thousands of citizens from different parts who gathered in the main parts of the city to enjoy the joy of the comparsas and the creativity of the allegorical games, which transported the sovereigns. The queens representing Salvador Alvarado, Alejandra Contreras and Angels Loya (Queen of Carnival and Queen of the Floral Games, respectively), as well as Walter Gaxiola as King of Joy and Miss Alvarado Salvador, Dulce Moreno, debuted at these festivities of King Momo, by the way, were very applauded by the crowd who enjoyed the great atmosphere.
As it is already a tradition, the majestic tour had as its opening the motorcyclists. In this way it was how one of the days most awaited by the citizens began, with the spectacular allegorical carriages, which by the way, some were illuminated with LED lights, and certainly comparsasas with humor was what put the fun to the full.

Carnival Guamúchil 2020 named after “The Wonders of India”. / Photograph: Daniel Ayala EL DEBATE

It should be noted that for the blessing of those present, a large number of local and international groups also participated, because one point is that the King of Joy, Walter Gaxiola, took with him the band to which he represents the so-called “Seventh Band” in a large allegorical chariot. A lot of cars and comparsas participated in this great tour, positively resulting in the invitation made by the authorities days before the start of the most important party of the year whose name is “The Wonders of India”. As an important data, the municipal authorities were responsible for placing a good number of bleachers at different points where the route passed for greater citizenship food. Also elements of Public Safety, Firefighters and Civil Protection, did a good job to make everything happen without incident, which is why you could see countless children and adults in tremendous joy enjoying the carnival.

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