translated from Spanish: The Choripán World Cup is coming in Cordoba: everything you need to know

Next Saturday, February 29 thy1st and Sunday, March 1, the seventh edition of the Choripán World Championship in Córdoba will be held, which this year is renewed as the ‘Fiesta del Chori and the Chiste’, referring to gastronomy and humor as the central points of the holiday. The event, organized by the Municipality of Córdoba, is suitable for all public and is oriented to The Cordoba families. It will have carts of different varieties of choripanes (gourmet and classic), a musical grid and humorous shows.

The event is geared towards Cordoba families Photo: Twitter @MuniCba

Chimi space: the award will be made, adding this year also the category of Best Chimi
Chori Space: gathering the 70 choripán stalls (classic, gourmet, world)
Space Joke: the audience will be able to join in telling jokes and sharing good times
Area of Women Asadoras: there will be talks, workshops, live cooking and tastings alongwith referents of the Federal Tournament of Women Asadoras, Peasant Women, Municipal Educational Parks and women entrepreneurs of Essen
The Scorned
Steam Street
Folk Jam
Levelibular Company
La Cucca and la Rossi in «Acciona Concrete»
Scola by Samba Uniao da Serra
DJ Diego Quiroga
Circus Enclave
Mascarpone Sanabria & Paladar Negro Paying tribute to María Fernanda Altamirano
Collegium Big Band
Ideotas Humor
Samba’s Receita
DJ Volume
Municipal Citizen Music Ensemble
Municipal String Orchestra
Municipal Choir with national rock repertoire
The ‘Fiesta del Chori y el Chiste’ will take place on Saturday, February 29 and Sunday, March 1 from 18:00 in Parque Sarmiento, Córdoba City. Free admission.

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